Upcoming Shows and Ongoing Shows

Office Space Gallery  2870 East Grand Blvd Detroit Michigan 48202

Opening September 30 7pm to 10pm. The show is up until November 18 2017. Lecture is November 4th from 2pm to 4pm


Flipside Records  Clawson Michigan

They sell my one of a kind joytoys


Fourteen East Cafe Detroit Michigan

They sell my necklaces


Downriver Art Council Wyandotte Michigan. They sell my paintings and other items.


MOCAD giftshop  Detroit Michigan

​They sell my necklaces and joytoys



The Truth Art Gallery  Toledo Ohio

​Group show 



Wayne State University - September 1996 to May 2001
Detroit MI
Received art instruction from Fall 1996 to Winter 1999. graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and American Studies.

Art Statement

I am an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. My artistic style is outsider brut. It is primitive in style, raw emotionally, and sometimes mature in nature. I love creating dynamic color planes and expressing emotion. I create art in order to process the cultural and visual information that thrives around me. Everyday I need to process new bits of information. In this sense my artwork is a mutation of myself as I'm adapting to my surroundings.

My artistic impulses are involved in a dialogue with the customs of the past and the stories of the present. I love to tie new stories and old folk tales into my work. I also love to play on word definitions, either formal or slang.

I often use subjects with an iconic nature to draw out the multi-layered context of my work. This is also a good way for making social commentary. When I involve myself in the process of translating the content of my work, often a complex abstract formation takes shape.

My subject matter is usually lyrical and sometimes mythical. I love painting animals, celebrities, made up fantasy creatures, and spirited women. Often, the made up creatures are half human and half animal. The spirited women are usually fashionable, full of emotion, and full of moxy.

I strive to produce an end product that has both strength and beauty. I believe the human mind is a lot like my artwork; filled with hard facts and stories but also softened with abstract thoughts and emotions. The overlap between these two components is an interesting manifestation of mind and spirit.

Past Experience As An Artist

Art Loft-  August 2017

Group Show - Mount Clemons MI

Fourteen East Cafe- June 2017

Solo Show - Detroit MI

333 Midland Gallery- February 2017

Group Show- Highland Park MI

Foxfest- Tangent Gallery- August 2016

Group show- Detroit MI


Hazel Park Art Fair - August 2016

Hazel Park MI

Birds of a Feather -Lawrence Street Gallery- May 2016

Group Show - Ferndale MI

MOCAD- March 13 2016

Art popup - Detroit MI  

Local Elf Collection - December 15 2015

One day show- Detroit MI

YMCA Boll Family - October 2015

Solo Show- Detroit MI

Detroit City Art Walk- August 28 and 29 2015- Art fair- Detroit MI

Krampus Night- December 5 2014

Atomic Gallery- Hamtramick MI

Socra Tea - August 2014

Solo Show- Detroit MI

Holiday Art Show- November to December 2013- Group Show- Detroit MI

Holiday Art Show- November

 to December 2013- Detroit Artist Market 

This Week In Art- October 30 2013

Two Person Show- Motor City Brewery

Detroit MI

Cafe Ollie- August 2013

Two Person Show- Ypsilanti MI

12 x 12- July 2013

Art Pop Up- Dearborn MI

Mondo Montage- April 2013

Funhouse Gallery- Detroit MI

MICA Holiday Art Show- December 2012

Group Show- Lansing MI

Grey Area- December 2012

Manhattan New York City New York

Hazel Park Art Fair- August 2012

Hazel Park MI

Birds of a Feather- Majestic Cafe

May 2012

Group Show- Detroit MI

Green Zone Pizza - December 5 2011 to March 2012
Two person show - Grosse Pointe , Michigan

Holiday Shop- November 11 to December 30 2011
Detroit Artist Market- Detroit

Love Letters; A Typographic Affair- November 11 to December 30 2011
Whitdel Art Gallery- Detroit

The Scent and Taste of Fall- October 5 - November 2 2011
Solo fall themed art show with a art and literary event October 14- Detroit, MI

Actual Size Show- Sept 10 - Oct 10 2011
Whitel Art Gallery- Detroit, MI

People's Art Festival - August 27 - 28 2011
Detroit, MI

Have Style Have Fun Have Mercy - August 27 2011
New Center Park Detroit, MI - Art, fashion, and music event

Just Beachy - August 6 to September 6 2011
Skipper's Bar Hamtamick, MI - Music, art and fashion event

The Majestic Cafe - June 16 to August 16 2011
Detroit, MI - Color and Fun art show

The Funhouse Gallery - June 4 to July 16 2011
Detroit, MI - Group show

Madonna University Gallery - January 10 to February 20 2011
Livonia, MI - Creature Art Show

Christine's Cuisine - December 14 to January 14 2011
Ferndale, MI - The Red Headed Vixen Year of the Snowbunny Holiday Art Show

Grosse Pointe Art Center- November to end of December 2010
Grosse Pointe, MI - Holiday Gift Gallery

Lotus Art Gallery - November to end of December 2010
Plymouth, MI - Holiday Gift Gallery

Detroit Artist Market - November to end of December 2010
Detroit, MI - Holiday Art Show

New Center Park - Lighten Up and Dance - August 21
Detroit, MI - Night of Fashion, Music, and Art

Cass Cafe - July 17 - September 18 - Detroit and Issues
Detroit, MI

Gallery Project - June 18 - July 15 - Animal Farm theme art show
Ann Arbor, MI

Cafe 1923 - June 1 - July 1 - Women, Animals and Things
Hamtramick, MI

Art Tunes Event - Art Fair, Music, Theatre, and Fashion Show - May 22 2010
Bald Mountain State Park- Lake Orion, MI

Nature is Wonderful - Phoenix Cafe
Hazel Park, Michigan - Group Show - April 24 - May 29 2010

Earth Day Fair - Lawrence Tech University
Southfield, Michigan - April 22 2010  from 12pm to 3pm

Hatchback 4 - Cafe 1923

Hamtramick, Michigan - February 28 - March 27 2010

Icons and Idols; Transforming Tradition - Madonna University Exhibition Gallery
Livonia, Michigan - February 28 - March 28 2010

Cranbrook Art Institute - March 13 2010 - Bloomfield Hills, MI
One Day Bat Themed  Event and Art Show

The Red Headed Vixen With a Peppermint Twist Holiday Art Show-
Dec 12 2009 - Jan 12 2010 - Christine's Cuisine - Ferndale, MI

Pure Detroit 11th Aniversary Art and Music Event- December 11 2009
One Night Event - Detroit, MI

The Ronald McDonald House December Art Show - Dec 1 2009- Jan 2 2010
3911 Beaubien Street - Detroit, MI

Pechu Kucha - November 24 2009
One Night Event of Art, Fashion, and Design - Detroit Film Theatre - Detroit, MI

Woods Gallery Holiday Gift Shop - November 21 - December 19 2009
Group Show - lowel level of Huntington Woods Gallery, Huntington Woods, MI

The Grosse Pointe Art Center - November 20 - December 23 2009
Holiday Art Show - Grosse Pointe, MI

The Detroit Artist Market- November 6 - December 23 2009
Holiday Art show - Detroit, MI

This Week In Art - November 4 2009
The Motor City Brewing Works - Detroit, MI

The Dirty Show 10.5 - Sept 25 2009 - Oct 3 2009
Bert's Warehouse, Detroit, MI - Erotic Art Show

The People's Art Festival - The Russell Industrial Center - August 29-30 2009
Detroit, MI - Art Fair; Sharing Booth 33 with Milan Filipec

Handbags and Heels - The River's Edge Gallery - Aug 21 2009 - Oct 30 2009
Wyandotte, MI - Group Show

Box Fest- The Furniture Factory - August 6 2009 - August 22 2009
Detroit, MI - Group Show

Pink Pump
July 23 2009 - September 2009, Birmingham, MI - Group Show

Cityfest Art Gallery - July 1 - July 5 2009
Detroit, MI - I curated and exhibited in a Group Show called "Detroit Id"

Majestic Cafe - April 2 2009 - May 2009
Detroit, MI - two person show with Jason Smith

Cass Cafe - March 7 2009 - May 2009
Detroit, MI "The Target Show "- Group Show

Bert's Warehouse - February 6 2009 - February 14 2009
Detroit, MI - "The Dirty Show "- Group Show

Christine's Cuisine - February 2009- March 2009
Ferndale, MI - Solo Exhibit

Izzy's Raw Art Gallery 
January 31 2009- March 2009; Detroit, MI - "Intrepretation of Winter "- Group show

Gallery 323 - Ongoing
Royal Oak, MI - I have joytoys, paintings and jewelry on display

River's Edge Gallery - December 2008- February 2008
Wyandotte, MI - Noire Et Blanc, Group Show

The Grosse Pointe Art Center - November 2008- January 2009
Grosse Pointe Park, MI - Group Holiday Gift Show

The Detroit Artist Market - November 2008- January 2009
Detroit, MI - Group Holiday Gift Show

The Woodward Lofts - October 2008
Detroit, MI - Solo exhibition in the main floor's windows

The Majestic Cafe- October 2008
Detroit, MI - Group show

Cityfest Gallery - Gwen's Urban Playhouse - July 2008
Detroit, MI -Curater and artist in group show

Art House - July 2008
Ann Arbor, MI - I painted a lifesized mural for a feature film starring Iggy Pop

Red Marble, Blue Marble - May 2008
Detroit, MI - I painted an over lifesized mural for a sci-fi feature film

The Black Diamond Box Gallery - April 2008
Chicago, IL -Solo art showing

Christine's Cuisine - January 2008
Ferndale, MI - Holiday themed solo art show

Detroit Artist Market - December 2007
Detroit, MI - Group Show

Cass Cafe - November 2007
Detroit, MI - Two person art show

Anton Art Center - October 2007
Mt. Clemons, MI - Halloween Group Show

The CityFest Gallery - July 2007
Detroit, MI - City celebrated festival curated art show

Zeitgeist Gallery - March 2007
Detroit, MI - Group showing of folk artists

The Motor City Brewery - February 2007
Detroit, MI - Solo exhibit

The Tangent Gallery - February 2007
Detroit, MI - Erotic group art show

Christine’s Cuisine - December 2006
Ferndale, MI -Solo exhibit of holiday themed work

Centaur Bar - August 2006
Detroit, MI - Solo art showing

The Bankle Building - August 2006
Detroit MI - Solo show

The Motor City Brewery - March 2006
Detroit, MI - Solo show

Tangent Gallery - February 2005
Detroit, MI -The Dirty Show; Group Show

Car Wash Cafe - July 2004
Detroit, MI -Curated and participated in very original art event.

Izzy’s Raw Art Gallery - December 2004
Detroit, MI -Group Show of women artists

Cpop Gallery - December 2003
Detroit, MI - Group Exhibition

Detroit Art Space - October 2004
Detroit, MI - Curated and participated in Halloween themed art show

Dally in the Alley Art Gallery - Sept 2004
Detroit, MI - Curated and participated in popular Detroit street fair

Made In Detroit - Sept. 2003-May 2004
Detroit, MI - Merchandise shown in Detroit themed boutique

Pure Design Lab - Sept. 2004-Sept 2007
Detroit, MI - Store that showcased independent Detroit designers.

Ford World Headquarters - August 2003
Dearborn, MI - Solo exhibition

Tastefest Gallery - August 2004
Detroit, MI - Group show associated with Detroit’s renowned music and food fair

The Padded Cell - August 2003
Royal Oak, MI - Solo exhibition

Lily’s Seafood - July 2004
Royal Oak, MI - Solo Showing of mermaid paintings

Detroit International Institute Cafe - July 2003
Detroit, MI - Solo exhibition

Museum of New Art - February 2003
Detroit, MI - Part of The Dirty Show group exhibit

Robert Maniselco Gallery - April 2001
Grosse Pointe, MI - Group exhibition of Women artists

Detroit Contemporary Gallery - Sept. 2000
Detroit, MI - Group Exhibition

Patty Smith Boutique - Nov.1999 to Jan. 2000
Royal Oak, MI - Necklaces on display

Wayne State University - March to April 1999
Detroit, MI - Student art exhibition

David Broderick Building - November 1998
Detroit, MI - Group exhibition

Artcite - December 1998
Windor, Ontario, Canada - Holiday Group ShowType your paragraph here.